Web Consulting Process

Enabling you Succeed Online

Our Web Consulting Process Model powers us to be well organized and follow a systematic approach towards all our endeavors. No matter what we do, web consulting, SEO/SEM or other internet marketing practices, web or graphic designing or web development, our process methodology is ideal for all solutions that we develop for you. We believe in following customer centric approach and therefore take whole of your business process and we work closely with you at all stages.

XDS process model is a four stage process which makes consulting a true interaction with you. Our methodology is simple and helps us strive to develop relevant and deliver measurable results.

Stage 1

Understanding your business –

Stage one is cornerstone of our relationship with you. We understand your business, objectives and goals that you would like to attain with us. We hold a small interaction session to understand your current position and areas that you like to improve.

Stage 2

Planning the delivery –

Once we are done with understanding your business we research your competition and analyze their strategies. Finally, we plan the delivery and develop a recommendation document outlining the solution(s) or ways that will meet your objectives and goals and how we can help you. This will come along with a proposal quote for the same.

Stage 3

Developing the solution(s) –

After we send a proposal and receive a green signal from you, we start developing solutions that we proposed to you. We will work closely with you and take your feedback at each step of design and development of your solution(s). The stage will include formulating and executing online strategy designing and development of personalized and customized solutions for you. Before we launch or execute it, we will test it manually.

Stage 4

Continued Support –

Once the project is complete and launched successfully, we plan the promotion and recommend further strategies to for its nourishment. We will give you an ongoing support and available to help you when you need it. As your business requirement changes with time, we will recommend you ways to improve the current project to meet all your objectives and requirements. We give continued support and maintenance to all our clients.