Web Analytics

Web Analytics

The advantage of web marketing techniques over traditional marketing methods is that you can easily track and analyze the performance of your web marketing initiatives. Web analytics usually considered as a search engine optimization (SEO) tool measure every aspect of your online marketing efforts. It is a perfect tool that can give you insight of the position of your online business. To keep you informed about your online marketing campaigns, we integrate web analytics with all our web marketing services. The data so collected is crucial to understand consumer behavior and preferences and it could also be used to improve quality of products and services.

At Xtreme Digital Solutions, we assign a dedicated account manager for your web marketing campaigns who uses popular web analytics tool such as Google analytics, WebTrends, Omniture, etc. to track the results of your online marketing efforts. It is our endeavor to report you complete analysis of the performance of campaigns that we execute for you.

With web analytics, online marketers can track the performance of online business and thus, returns on investment could be analyzed and the problem areas could be checked and resolved quickly. Of course we all give exams in our student life and it help us know our performance and understanding of the course content, similarly web analytics give us report card for result of your online marketing campaign.

Our Web Analytics services includes –

  • Highly accurate and detailed performance measurement
  • Analyzing the data obtained and timely reporting your campaign performance results
  • Real-time tweaks to maximize your ROI
  • Value for money since it helps reducing wastage of money through inappropriate media
  • Increase conversions and generate more revenue and consulting on marketing strategies to be deployed after analyzing analytics

Web analytics services that we offer you at Xtreme Digital Solutions can help you you’re your major traffic source, frequently searched keyword and phrases (search analytics), site loading time, effectiveness and potential of index page, click-through rates (CTRs), consumer or visitors’ behavior, segmentation of target audience and identification of new markets through demographics.

What you can expect from us –

  • Web analytics implementation
  • Effective consultation on competitive and strategic intelligence
  • User behavior analysis for knowing consumer preferences and thus, serving them better
  • CRM integration

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