Social media marketing is very interesting since it includes rich media experiences to marketing messages online. Moreover, social media users are dynamic and very active and help your campaign by creating a viral or spreading your message through word of mouth. Podcasting is the latest and highly potential social media marketing technique allowing marketers to broadcast their marketing message online at different platforms.

We at XDS offer Podcast marketing or podcasting which helps you integrate your marketing and sales processes with online rich media experiences. In podcast marketing, you can create your promotional videos/audios or podcasts and submit them to online networks that share podcasts with social media users. Podcasting can be highly effective to spread your message, engage your prospects and convert them.

Podcasting or podcast marketing is one of our social media marketing services which allow us leverage social media platforms to promote your business and target online customers. Our creative content writers and online marketing experts, work together to find out lucrative and most searched keywords or search terms and write a podcast copy including them. We tag your podcasts with promising keywords that are searched frequently online. We also offer video shooting or audio recording services for your podcasts. Finally we submit podcasts to broadcasting social networking platforms and share them with web audience that has interest in your products and services. Our strategic social marketing services create a buzz around your podcast and motivate web audience to share it with their peers across all channels, be it social networking sites, e-mails, blogs, etc.

Our podcasting service includes –

  • Writing effective copy for your podcasts (scriptwriting with strategic keywords)
  • Podcast production, design and delivery
  • Submission of podcasts to popular podcast / social networks
  • Tracking, measuring, analyzing and reporting podcasting results