Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing is latest and hottest social media marketing technique available to the web marketers. Video networks or directories like You Tube are evolving dynamically and more and more businesses are marketing their strategic information using video marketing and sharing with their target audience and other online users.

Today web audience has several resources where they can seek quality information about anything and rich media like videos give them access to better information resource. With video marketing/sharing we can help you create a buzz in social networking platforms and drive more traffic to your website. Video can be related to anything. It may be your product demo, description, information or simply interesting animation about your business process. Our web marketers at XDS, offer VSEO or Video search engine optimization service where we optimize your promotional videos or podcasts with strategic keyword rich script, submit them to several video sharing platforms and track the performance of video marketing campaigns using web analytics and metrics.

With video marketing and sharing viral could be created and web audience shares your videos among their own social network, thereby creating a word of mouth. At Xtreme Digital Solutions, we can compel and motivate your audience to become your brand ambassador and promote your videos among their peer group.

We can write effective advertising or marketing promotional copy for your video marketing campaign, shoot your promotional videos and submit them to video sharing networks and of course integrate to your website for creating a resource for your online visitors. We also promote your products by creating video slides and submitting them on slide-sharing websites/directories.

Our video marketing services give you value for your money and increase ROI. Moreover, our optimization and Video marketing help your website get search engine attention and indexing it effectively for top search engine ranks. Video sharing is a perfect tool to engage web audience and marketing your message across all social media touch points. We also work with online advertising networks that offer video adverting/marketing facility and thus, it guarantees maximum online exposure.

Our favorite video marketing networks are –

  • YouTube
  • I-Tines
  • Yahoo Podcast
  • Podcasting news
  • Podcast pickle
  • Video blogs
  • Video slide-sharing platforms (Slide Share, Author Stream, Slide boom etc.)