PPC Advertisement

Online Advertising

PPC advertisement is a form of search engine marketing technique. It is a paid form of online marketing where maximum online exposure is guaranteed. PPC refers to pay per click advertising and as the name suggests, advertisers or web marketers are asked to only pay for the ads that are clicked by web audience. Only SEO, PPC is a fast and guaranteed process. It is also called as sponsored advertising or listing.

For instant advertising or promotion results, pay per click or PPC advertising works the best. As it offers sponsored advertising, online exposure is ensured while it is cost effective since you only have to pay for clicks that online visitors make at your advertisement. PPC of course drives maximum traffic to your website and is highly beneficial when you are marketing in a local area. At Xtreme Digital Solutions, our web marketing consultants manage your PPC campaigns, allocate advertising budget, negotiate with platforms offering PPC, enhance ROI and track the performance by web analytics and metrics.

PPC advertising works similar to local search marketing and local classifieds/advertising which guarantee, inclusion, placement, exposure and stream of traffic to your website.

PPC (pay per click) advertising services we offer –

  • PPC account set up – We set up your PPC accounts at various mediums like search engines, adverting networks and popular websites. We monitor your daily expenses, control budget, and analyze consumer behavior and demographics.
  • PPC bid management – To maximize your returns on investment and leverage PPC advertising on different platforms, we manage your PPC bids.
  • Keyword research and selection – Our expert web consultants and content writers work together to find and select strategic keyword relevant for your PPC advertising campaign. Our content writers and online marketing experts can also write keyword rich advertising copy optimized for better exposure.
  • Creative development – For enhancing your click through rate (CTR) and ensuring your advertisement is clicked by relevant web audience, we write unique ad copy, titles and description of advertisement. We can also design creative banners and attractive images or animations that entice web audience and compel them to view your advertisement.
  • Landing page identification – We analyze, identify, suggest and manage the right landing page which will be promoted though PPC advertisement. It enhances and facilitating site level conversions. We can also design enticing landing pages with compelling advisement copy for ensuring conversion and sales leads.
  • Result tracking, measurement and analysis – We track traffic from your PPC campaigns from different sources, analyze consumer behavior, look for successful keywords, costs and sales leads generation and prepare a detailed analysis report for improving results and getting insight of position of your online business.

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