Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Online medium offers a lot of opportunities for both consumers and businesses. It is the platform where consumers come to seek information, products and services and business owners serve them with their desired information. In this age of web 2.0 consumers are offered with exceptional online shopping experiences which give them an ease to shop for their needs from any corner of the world. E-commerce has made our lives really easy and comfortable. Many businesses have already switched to online medium and have fully integrated retail stores on their websites. However, in the same environment there is a regular need for online advertising to maintain and enhance online visibility of your online business.

Online advertising is actually cost effective medium to market your products and services online and attract web audience. The benefit that this form of web marketing offers is of course the cost effectiveness and complete track of analytics. Online business owners can actually track each move their web audience make in accordance with their targeted online advertising campaigns. At Xtreme Digital Solutions, we offer web marketing services, website designing, e-commerce shopping cart integration to business owners who are planning to tap the online market place and reach their customers without any geographical limitations.

We plan, analyze and execute your online advertising campaigns that increase your online visibility for targeted keywords and ensure a regular stream of online traffic to your website. And of course more prospects or web traffic means more customers and more business. With our web marketing services, you can be assured to get potential traffic to your website and thus, it gives you opportunity to convert them. Online advertising not only enhances your web presence but also increases brand awareness and reinforces your brand image.

Rely on online advertising solutions by XDS to produce incremental conversions. We formulate your online advertising campaign, launch it, track and report the performance to you.

We offer you following online advertising models and techniques –

  • Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)
  • Pay Per Acquisition (PPA)
  • Pay Per Impression (PPI)
  • Banner ads
  • Blog advertising / marketing
  • Video / Webcast / Podcast marketing
  • Contextual advertising
  • Local search advertising
  • Text Link Advertising

What you can expect from us? –

  • Online advertising strategy formulation – Our experts analyze and plan hosts for your PPC and other online advertising campaigns. Before we launch your campaign, budget allocation is done, right media is planned and finally ad placement for maximum online exposure.
  • Bid Management – We control your online advertising budget by managing bids for your campaign.
  • Copywriting – XDS boasts a creative and highly experienced team of content/copy writers. We can write strategic keywords rich copy for your paid search campaign that help giving maximum exposure to your advertisement for those search terms. A compelling and strong ad copy certainly leaves a strong impact on web audience, attract and engage them and finally motivate them to try out your products or services. Strong and optimized copy also increases click through rates (CTRs) and increase traffic to your website. We also design and write copy for landing pages.
  • Rich Media Banner Designing – At XDS, we live in and communicate with designs. Our creative designers design attractive ad-banners that attract high CTRs. Our designs are impeccable and stimulate visual senses of audience and compel them to buy your products and/or services.
  • Click Fraud Detection – In online advertising campaigns, there is always a potential risk of invalid risks ad frauds. Such activities may harm online advertising campaigns and affect reputation of the company and sometimes search engines penalizes such campaigns. Our expert web marketers protect campaign against any suspicious activity. We curb such activities and provide effective reputation management.