Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance based online marketing model. It offers huge opportunities to online business owners /vendors or merchants. While the other forms of web marketing work for your own website, affiliate marketing is the model where you select affiliates that promotes your products and services through different strategies and bring sales leads to you. In return, you only have to pay them a part of your profit as commission. This form of internet marketing is highly potential in this virtual marketplace.

At Xtreme Digital Solutions, we offer web consulting and web marketing services to business organizations, individuals and other agencies. Our web marketing experts can develop a suitable affiliate program for your affiliate marketing campaign. We can help you select right affiliates or affiliate networks, plan your budget, develop performance model and negotiate with affiliates and finally suggest them strategies to bring more sales leads for your business.

Affiliate marketing help driving a stream of online buyers to your website thereby giving you an opportunity to interact and engage them and convert them into your customers. We work with you to understand your business needs, complexities and objectives and thus, it helps us design your affiliate program integrating your sales process. At XDS, we can also track your campaign results and report them. Moreover, in an affiliate program, a merchant needs to give affiliates marketing materials like online brochures, advertising banners, etc. and team XDS can also help you design such collaterals for your affiliates.

Affiliate marketing build quality traffic, increase revenue and give you chances to develop effective relationship with customers and affiliates (or business partners/ associates). If you are a webmaster and seeking merchants or potential affiliate program to join, then Xtreme Digital Solutions can also help to find you suitable and profitable program that give you good commission for your efforts.

Our affiliate marketing services include –

  • Setting up merchant account
  • Planning affiliate campaign
  • Selecting promising affiliates
  • Collateral designing (banners, links, display ads etc)
  • Referral incentive program and budget allocation for commissions
  • Web analytics – tracking and measuring success of your affiliate campaign