Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking

Social media has evolved very quickly and today it has become an integral part of daily lives of online users. Internet is the huge resource of information about anything. People share this information among peers and other online users and enhance their knowledge base. To exchange their ideas, views and favorite web pages, people use social bookmarking websites. They organize, store and share these bookmarks with other online users.

In this era of social networking, social bookmarking has also evolved as web marketing service and is a part of social media marketing. Business owners or web marketers promote their websites online using social media platform and social bookmarking websites are one of them. To optimize the campaigns and marketing products on social media channels, marketers need to spread their message across all social media platforms like social networking sites, bookmarking sites, forums, blogs, communities, videos, etc.

At Xtreme Digital Solutions, our social media marketing experts use social bookmarking to promote your products, content, services and business on popular bookmaking websites. It helps gaining search engine attention and therefore your website is ranked top in search engine result pages (SERPs). Moreover, social bookmarking sites also give a platform to you for interacting directly with your target audience.

Our web marketing services include social media marketing and we submit social bookmarks to your web pages at social bookmarking websites and networks. Our social media experts also use share buttons and our content writers write compelling content that encourages your audience to tag your web page and share with their peers online. Social bookmarking is a successful web marketing strategy that gives individuals, publishers and business owners, an opportunity to enhance their brand awareness and increase online visibility. Moreover, it fosters search engine optimization process since bookmarks allows to put strategic keywords as tags which online audience searches and back links are also given to your websites, thereby ensuring better web traffic driven to your website.

At XDS, we offer social bookmarking for monetizing your campaign with leads generation and increased web traffic.

We bookmark your web pages and submit them top social bookmarking websites like –

  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Furl
  • Linkroll
  • StumbleUpon, etc.